Providing Creative BPO Services

Multimedia BPO Business

Services for large volume tracing and clipping of images and editing of numerous catalog pages

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab offers support services for data content production in the niche areas of DTP,
Video and Animation, 2D CAD and 3D CG, and Character and Graphic Design 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Photo / Image Editing


Creating print data and EPUB for the web requires the use of tracing software. Although a simple task, tracing logo marks, fonts and scanned patterns is a job that demands high accuracy and design sense. Furthermore, as it is simple, relative to the job content the cost of labor can be high. And because in its nature it is sober work it may be difficult for creators and /or operators to fill the position and take root. In such cases, call us. We will do your simple tracing tasks for you.

Animation / Video Production / Click for More Details


Have you updated your catalog for next year’s edition? Changing images, texts, tabs and tables to edit your catalog can be so time consuming. It also requires skills in software you may not be so familiar with. Why not outsource such tasks to us? Utilize our expert services for your convenience.

Catalogue / DTP Production / Click for More Details


How about a different touch for your pamphlets, posters and flyers? Everyone is in need of design that catches the eye. Use our talent. Send us the content of your desired collateral and let us design it for you.

If you have any problem with outsourcing related various multimedia production,
offshore outsourcing, BPO Operations, call us.

Be it with the use of Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop, please take advantage of
the services of the HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab. We will help you accelerate your business.

Providing Creative BPO Services

Catalog Production / pre-press / editing / DTP-related work

For large quantity tracing and clipping of images, outsourcing to the Philippines is convenient and cost effective.

In today’s world, outsourcing or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) had become the better option. Our company Howay Industry Co., Ltd is managing and operating a BPO Business specializing in MULTIMEDIA in Makati, Philippines. We value sober work and support production of various data content in the niche fields of DTP and Pre-Press, Video Editing and Animation, 2d CAD and 3d CG, and Character and Graphic Design. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every day, we work on production while sharing the progress and quality control with our customers in spreadsheets.

Staff specializing in Multimedia

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab in Makati, Philippines

We are affiliated with universities and vocational schools strong in multimedia, and we employ staff selected from them. In addition, we repeat training on a regular basis and instruct them to acquire higher skills.

Multimedia Lab

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab Division

With our prompt correspondence, distance is immaterial.

We set our business hours based on our clients’ schedule. As an example, even with the one-hour difference in the time line, our services to our Japanese clients are set according to their operating hours. Hence, we can respond immediately to sudden tasks. And with our highly efficient internet, communication is instantaneous. It is like conducting operations right next door. No matter where you are around the globe, we will adjust operations according to your clock. So please feel free to chat or contact us using the inquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

For English inquiries: All personnel in our company can speak excellent English. Either through emails of online calls, attending to your query will be no problem.
For Japanese inquiries: In our company site in the Philippines, aside from full-time Japanese managers there are also a number of local Japanese-speaking ‘bridge’. So please feel to contact us or make requests in Japanese any time.
Our operations are based on our clients’ time. For example, to cater to our Japanese customers we have set business hours from 7:30~16:30 Philippine time to coincide with the operating hours in Japan, which is usually from 8:30~17:30. (The time difference between Philippines and Japan is one (1) hour.)
As offshore BPO, we use various online communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, FB Messenger and LINE. WE also have IP Phones. All our staff speak excellent English, and for Japanese inquiries there is a Japanese Administrator working full time and a number of local Japanese-speaking Bridges to be of service. So please feel free to contact us even for trivial matters!
American Dollar, Japanese Yen and Philippine Peso are currencies basically accepted for payment. As is often the case, Japanese clients make requests for quotations in Japanese Yen. Payments in the form of transfers are then made to parent company HOWAY Industry Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. Of course, as in the case of other international clients, direct payment in the form of overseas remittances is possible. Clients need only express preference regarding form and mode of payment when requesting for quotations for arrangements to be made accordingly.
Most of the requests we have serviced so far have been of large-quantity projects with a short turnaround time, so yes, we can respond. However, since we handle various projects, our availability would depend on the timing of the request. For starters, please feel free to contact us for consultation.
HOWAY conducts sales operations in both Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Upon request, we can make ourselves available to pay visits to clients within the country for business negotiations. For other international clients, online meetings are actively held with representatives in our Philippine facility for direct communications. You need only contact us to make arrangements.
It is standard for clients to provide corresponding software licenses for projects requiring the use of special software. Also, as there may be instances when finding operators with the required special knowledge may prove to be difficult, we recommend the LAB-type contract under which the client can educate the operator in the skill necessary for the task. It is a scheme that allows you to train and develop your operators in the Philippines from where you may be across the seas.
As always, when dealing with overseas transactions, the factors of cultural differences and national character come into play. It is therefore very important to divide and clarify the work to be requested in order to proceed smoothly.
The final quality depends on how detailed you can write and specify what must be and what should not be done.

Our Expertises

After Effects

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We are available on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, FB Messenger and LINE.
Please fill out the form to let us know the nature of your query, your email address and prefered method of contact.

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HOWAY Industry Co., Ltd. is a corrugated cardboard manufacturer founded in 1953. With the advocacy [KANDO CREATOR], we are a group of creators skilled in design and manufacture of display ang packages using paper and cardboard materials. Our motto: Creating Emotions [KANDO CREATOR]. Our Management Philosophy: To create services that will bring excitement to customers, employees, and partner companies, and contribute to both physical and mental well-being and the creation of a free and lively society.
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