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Multimedia BPO Business

Do you need help in DTP related work or CAD? How about in Video Production and Editing? Are you into Animation and Motion Graphics, CG and VR?

The negative effect of the Corona Virus on overseas travel is unprecedented, but it had paved the way for another option in conducting business. The internet had become more efficient; remote work now commonplace and physical distance no longer an issue. From English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia, why not use the services of the HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab in the Philippines?

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab provides services in DTP and Pre-Press, Video Production and Editing, Multimedia, 2D CAD and 3D CG Modeling and Rendering, and Character and Graphic Design 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are in the only country in Asia that has English as second language.

With Digital Transformation [DX] on the rise, Creative Business Process Outsourcing is the better option. It is cost effective, more convenient, with less hassle on talent acquisition and personnel maintenance.

Why not create your own design branch office without crossing borders? HOWAY will search for your company’s exclusive human resources on your behalf. Our LAB contracts allow you to train by remote personnel of your choice the necessary skills for efficient performance of your task. We will set up your workplace in our site according to your specifications, maintain personnel and equipment assigned to you according to your standards. This effectively saves you the expenses in setting up an extension office abroad, and frees you from the headache that comes with talent acquisition and the recurring chore of filing of taxes and licenses.

For project-based arrangements, we have excellent project managers to handle your account. Our computers have high specs; our internet at high speed. From where you are across the seas you can supervise your projects as if operations are right next door. Whether for short or long-run tasks, call us when you need us. It will be our pleasure to provide you with assistance.

Desktop Publishing[DTP] & Pre-Press

here is not enough manpower to do large amount of image tracing and mass editing of catalogs…
Leave it to us! We support such troublesome mass photo tracing and layout processing!

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Video production

Not enough time to do work on your videos? Do you want more fun infographics and video animation?
Contact us! We support operations for mass creation of materials, editing, production work for video advertisement!

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2D CAD / 3D CG Modeling & Rendering

Maintaining 2D CAD or 3D CG Creators is too costly…
Leave it to HOWAY! Set up an offshore worksite with us! We support long-term management and operations of projects through our LAB type contract!

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Character & Graphic Design

Creative, eye-catching, out-of-the-box approach to design is hard to find…
Try us, consult with us! A mixture of Japanese and Filipino art and knowhow had given us our own brand of innovation!

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Photo / Image Editing

Photo / Image Editing

The development of the internet had given birth to various forms of advertisements. Creating images and illustrations for each advertisement is necessary every time. Trimming images, removing paths and adjusting colors is time-consuming work! Preparation of material often takes a chunk of time, leaving no room for more creative design tasks.
We support troublesome photo trace processing! We carefully hand trace each photo even if it takes time to cut out the images or scan data with coarse resolution. We also perform detailed work such as extracting only the necessary text from the photo data and pasting the PDF link.

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Animation・Video Production

Video advertising had become commonplace. Editing of materials made in-house, tasks of encoding – there are a lot of time-consuming tasks.
The longer the video, the more restraint on the creator’s time. Contact us! We support time consuming video editing! From live-action video editing to animation and digital signage production, leave it to us. We will handle everything for you.

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Catalogue・DTP Production

Software for editing has evolved for more convenience. Supposedly, all you need do these days is pour the necessary date into the software and the task will be completed in no time. Sad to say, this is not so. More often than not, texts overlap photos, photos turn out to be smaller than the ideal, and there just isn’t enough time and manpower to do the corrections.
Call us! We support catalog production and editing! We operate with up to 72 seats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For immediate, large number manpower needs, contact us!

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2D CAD and 3D CG, Character Design

2D CAD and 3D CG, Character Design

Do you have enough CAD operators, 3D CG artists and designers for your projects? Are you equipped with the knowhow and manpower to compete with rivals in the same field? Is your present setup efficient and cost effective?
If not, then we are exactly what you need.The Philippines is a treasure trove of creative human resource. Highly proficient in English, we are the perfect choice as partner for large-scale CAD, 3D CG and character design services not only for video and movie animation, but also for use in architecture, engineering, construction and telemedicine industry around the globe.

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If you have any problem with outsourcing related various multimedia production,
offshore outsourcing, BPO Operations, call us.

No matter the scale of your projects, HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab is here to give solutions to your needs. Our purpose is to help you accelerate your business. With highly efficient internet and equipment, we can process your work like we are just across the hall from you. Consult with us. We only aim to please.

About Us

HOWAY Multimedia BPO Multimedia Lab

DTP and Pre-Press ・ Video Production and Editing ・ Multimedia ・ CG Modeling and Rendering ・ Character and Graphic Design

Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Howay Industry Co., Ltd.) of Osaka, Japan is developing a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business consisting of multimedia creators in Manila, Philippines - the HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab.
Do you need help with DTP related work? How about in Video Production and Editing? Are you into Animation and Motion Graphics, 2D CAD / 3D CG and VR?

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab provides services in such niche areas. Located in Makati, Philippines, we are composed of talented creators whose only goal is to provide fast and efficient, high-quality output. We are geek, inventive and innovative with expertise in Videography, Multimedia, 2D CAD and 3D CG Modeling and Rendering, Character and Graphic Design, and in the niche fields of DTP and Pre-Press.


The digital age is upon us in full force, with high-speed internet becoming more accessible by the day. Worldwide trade and communication had become accelerated; competition in the fields of marketing, branding and advertising even more harsh. Large companies have progressed toward globalization. And with that, the pressures of finding the appropriate and desired human resources had intensified.

Aside from traditional text and print, to stay competitive in the international market business organizations had evolved into utilizing videos and animations, typography and character designs that could be easily posted in Social Networking Systems. Outsourcing [to us] saves you a lot of work and a considerable amount in production cost. We provide you with the much-needed breathing space, allowing you more time to grow your business.


The Philippines is the only country in Asia that has English as its second language. With a tumultuous history, now more than ever it had become an international melting pot of numerous languages and cultures, giving birth to a young and unique generation of artists and business people – a veritable treasure trove of human resource.

With speed, sensitivity and linguistic ability to catch global trends, youthful human resources in the Philippines have excellent global sense and the ability and potential to be excellent partners in the rising Age of Digital Transformation. Our art is our own – creative, original, innovative.

WHY THE HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab?

Japanese technology and knowhow are known all over the world. Under the management and guidance of Japanese experts, HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab’s level of service is at par with Japanese standards. We are composed of talented creators, both Filipino and Japanese, with expertise in niche fields. Constant exchange of art and knowhow between our two cultures had created our own brand of innovation. We are geek and we own it!

OUR AIM: To provide assistance and support for various creative processes and production in niche areas such as DTP related work, Video Production and Editing, Animation and Motion Graphics, CG and VR to name but a few.

Let us take care of your tasks for you. Own computers have high specs: our internet at high speed. Communication is no problem. From where you are across the seas you can supervise your projects as if operations are right next door.

We exist for your convenience, create according to your specifications. We understand your needs. For fast and efficient, high-quality creative output, call the HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab. We are your partner in conquering the age of digital transformation.

We are here to support you!

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab
10 Major Features

Low cost Offshore Outsourcing


Low cost with use of overseas outsourcing; about half the cost of the service contracts in Japan. You can secure twice as much manpower for the same amount.

Delivery of large volume projects on short notice.


The Philippines is a treasure trove of creative and talented human resource. It is possible to handle a large number of projects with short turnaround time.

Measures for business processes even during the CORONA Virus Pandemic had been taken.


With the advent of the Corona Virus, we have taken measures to facilitate remote operations. Instant communication for across the seas is a matter of course.

All members of the staff are highly proficient in English, a number also Japanese speakers.


Consultation in Japanese is always possible by phone or web meeting. Placing an order through our Japanese desk is as easy as making domestic transactions.

Operating hours adjusted to client's time.


Operations according to client’s time. For example, to cater to our clients in Japan we start operations at 7:30 am to compensate for the 1-hour difference in the time zones.

High speed internet makes heavy data transfer possible.


Communication is instantaneous. Exchange of large amount of data at high speed is the standard.

High PC specs;  Fast rendering


High-spec equipment. We work on PCs with CPUs powered by GPU to support over clocking.

Specializing in DTP / Multimedia


We specialize in the niche fields of DTP and Pre-Press, Videography, Multimedia, CG Modeling and Rendering, and Character and Graphic Design.

Customization according to client needs is possbile.


Services customized to your request. LAB type arrangement is available, where it is possible to correspond to special software requirement and operation.

Direct work instructions and business management in English to bright, well-mannered  Filipino staff.


Direct work instruction and business management in English to bright Filipino staff with excellent character. All staff can understand English at a native level.

HOWAY's BPO Operations supports animation production, DTP editing process, 3DCG Modelling operations and other multimedia needs.

Why HOWAY is best

As a Creative BPO Service Provider, we support multimedia production such as DTP editing work, video creation, animation, and 2D CAD and 3D CG Modeling and Rendering.

Mass editing of short videos, editing of catalogs with large number of pages, constant work on 2D CAD, large projects on 3D CG Modeling, Texture and Rendering, video production using photos and print data, creation of walk-through videos, mass editing of photos… Please feel free to contact us for various requests and consultations regarding multimedia and creative design such as cropping, character design and animation creation!


Frequently Asked Questions

For English inquiries: All personnel in our company can speak excellent English. Either through emails of online calls, attending to your query will be no problem.
For Japanese inquiries: In our company site in the Philippines, aside from full-time Japanese managers there are also a number of local Japanese-speaking ‘bridge’. So please feel to contact us or make requests in Japanese any time.
Our operations are based on our clients’ time. For example, to cater to our Japanese customers we have set business hours from 7:30~16:30 Philippine time to coincide with the operating hours in Japan, which is usually from 8:30~17:30. (The time difference between Philippines and Japan is one (1) hour.)
As offshore BPO, we use various online communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, FB Messenger and LINE. WE also have IP Phones. All our staff speak excellent English, and for Japanese inquiries there is a Japanese Administrator working full time and a number of local Japanese-speaking Bridges to be of service. So please feel free to contact us even for trivial matters!
American Dollar, Japanese Yen and Philippine Peso are currencies basically accepted for payment. As is often the case, Japanese clients make requests for quotations in Japanese Yen. Payments in the form of transfers are then made to parent company HOWAY Industry Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. Of course, as in the case of other international clients, direct payment in the form of overseas remittances is possible. Clients need only express preference regarding form and mode of payment when requesting for quotations for arrangements to be made accordingly.
Most of the requests we have serviced so far have been of large-quantity projects with a short turnaround time, so yes, we can respond. However, since we handle various projects, our availability would depend on the timing of the request. For starters, please feel free to contact us for consultation.
HOWAY conducts sales operations in both Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Upon request, we can make ourselves available to pay visits to clients within the country for business negotiations. For other international clients, online meetings are actively held with representatives in our Philippine facility for direct communications. You need only contact us to make arrangements.
It is standard for clients to provide corresponding software licenses for projects requiring the use of special software. Also, as there may be instances when finding operators with the required special knowledge may prove to be difficult, we recommend the LAB-type contract under which the client can educate the operator in the skill necessary for the task. It is a scheme that allows you to train and develop your operators in the Philippines from where you may be across the seas.
As always, when dealing with overseas transactions, the factors of cultural differences and national character come into play. It is therefore very important to divide and clarify the work to be requested in order to proceed smoothly.
The final quality depends on how detailed you can write and specify what must be and what should not be done.

Our Expertises

After Effects

豊栄産業株式会社 社是「感動創造」

Living on the Edge

Aiming for higher heights, HOWAY had launched a new slogan in 2017.

-Living on the Edge-

To live on the sharp, pointed edge means we dare to be alive.[The nail that sticks out gets hammered down] is often said in Japan. And I find this to be true.But no one can hammer down the nail that had stuck out too far. So why not be that – the nail that had stuck out too far – forever youthful, enjoying the life gifted to us to its full? Let us be the company that never competes with others, but instead does things in an entirely different way, that gets chosen from all the other companies in the world.

Let us have fin in creating, and incite passion and excitement in the hearts and minds of clients and partner companies who support us. HOWAY aims to be such a company.

Furthermore, let us expand our endeavors not only in Japan but also overseas to create a unqieu GEEK group. We will be that nail that had stuck out too far. We will live on the edge. We will dare to live!

Eiichiro Nonomiya

Representative Director

Meet Our TEam

HOWAY BPO Multimedia Department PROFILE
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Contact usお問い合わせ

We are available on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, FB Messenger and LINE.
Please fill out the form to let us know the nature of your query, your email address and prefered method of contact.

Where to meet

HOWAY Industry Co. Ltd. BPO Multimedia Division

Osaka Main Office: 2-27-28 Kasuga Nishimachi, Hirakata City, Osaka
Tokyo Branch Office:1F Heaven Torigoe, 2-7-4 Torigoe, Taito-ku, Tokyo
HOWAY PHILIPPINES:G/F Unit 102 Casino Suites 4508 Casino St.,Brgy.Palanan,Makati City,Philippines 1235

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HOWAY Industry Co., Ltd. is a corrugated cardboard manufacturer founded in 1953. With the advocacy [KANDO CREATOR], we are a group of creators skilled in design and manufacture of display ang packages using paper and cardboard materials. Our motto: Creating Emotions [KANDO CREATOR]. Our Management Philosophy: To create services that will bring excitement to customers, employees, and partner companies, and contribute to both physical and mental well-being and the creation of a free and lively society.
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